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New York Jazz Academy respects your privacy, and considers the responsible use of personal information to be a critical element in enabling the Internet to reach its potential as a serious tool for personal and professional activities. In general, you can visit the New York Jazz Academy website without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. If you choose to register for programs on New York Jazz Academy website, however, we require information from you, such as your name, home or business address, e-mail address, and telephone number. When you choose to give us credit card information, it is used only for the transactions you have requested through the New York Jazz Academy website. New York Jazz Academy will not share your personal information with other entities.


Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, beginning on the day stated on the website and print materials. Full program tuition is due upon registration. Early registration is encouraged, as many workshops/classes fill quickly. Workshops with insufficient enrollment may be cancelled, so it is important to register early.

Students may register online or by phone: (718) 426-0633, using all major credit/debit cards, including AMEX, MasterCard, VISA, Discover. Students may also register by check or money order (payable to “New York Jazz Academy”) or bank wire transfer. Mail registration form and payment to the following address:

New York Jazz Academy
P.O. Box 721331
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

NOTE: Faxed registrations will not be accepted.


When a workshop or class is full, interested students may sign up on the waiting list. No registration fee or deposit is required to be on the waiting list. Students are notified of openings in the order they sign up on the waiting list. When students are notified of openings, they must pay the registration fee and tuition, or they will lose their place on the list.


Tuitions vary based on workshop/class costs, and include most supplies, with the exception of instruments and instrument accessories. Some workshops require a materials kit. An additional fee to cover the cost of materials is noted for these workshops. Tuition for all programs is due in full at time of registration, with the exception of programs longer than 12 weeks, which may be paid in monthly tuition installments. At the time of registration, the student’s credit card will automatically be charged the balance due unless the student makes other payment arrangements (e.g. mails a check, or provides an alternate credit card number). Students enrolled in workshops/classes/lessons will be sent an invoice approximately forty-five (45) days before the workshop/class/lesson as a reminder that the balance must be paid. The balance payment is due no later than thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the workshop/class/lesson. At that time, the student’s credit card will automatically be charged the balance due unless the student makes other payment arrangements (e.g. mails a check, or provides an alternate credit card number). Students registering online must call NYJA prior to the payment due date to provide a credit card with which to charge the final payment. Note: All cancellations must be in writing. See below.


A fee of $30 will be charged for any checks returned for non-sufficient funds or other reasons.


New York Jazz Academy reserves the right to change its calendar, withdraw or modify a course, a course location address, or substitute instructors at any time. NYJA will make every effort to notify students of major changes in the schedule.


New York Jazz Academy reserves the right to require withdrawal of any student whose conduct is deemed detrimental to the Academy and its students, teachers, and staff. This includes physical violence (or the perceived threat of such), emotional abuse, and more. Every student is expected to attend program sessions regularly. If the student must miss a session, the student is expected to contact NYJA administration in writing (by email or mail) at least 7 days before the scheduled absence. Unscheduled absences, wherein the student does not notify NYJA at least 7 days before the absence will not be tolerated. New York Jazz Academy reserves the right to require withdrawal of any student who misses more than 75% of classes in a semester and does not give scheduled notification. In the event a student should be expelled or withdrawn by New York Jazz Academy, New York Jazz Academy will not refund any tuition for that program, workshop, class, or private lesson.


Skill levels are noted by each workshop/class description to help you derive as much success from as possible. Selecting a class with a higher skill level than you possess can be a frustrating experience. Weekly classes designated for beginners are appropriate for students with little or no jazz and improvisation experience. Students are always welcome to contact the Program Director (718-426-0633) for suggestions on workshops/classes that meet their skill level and area of interest, or for a suggested curriculum.


If you must cancel a lesson, please contact New York Jazz Academy at least 48-72 hours before your scheduled lesson. Lessons in the teacher’s studio must be cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson time in order for the student to receive a makeup lesson. Lessons in a rented music studio and/or rehearsal facility must be cancelled within 72 hours of the scheduled lesson time in order for the student to receive a makeup lesson. Makeup lessons will be scheduled by the teacher. Lessons that are not cancelled at least 48-72 hours before your scheduled lesson time will be forfeited. In the rare event that your teacher must reschedule your private lesson, we expect the teacher to notify you at least 24 hours of your lesson time. The teacher is then responsible for arranging an alternate lesson date and time that works for the student. The teacher may also enroll a substitute teacher to teach the make-up lesson, when needed.


All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations are never accepted over the phone. If you cancel more than thirty (30) days* before the first day of any semester, New York Jazz Academy will retain $30 of your tuition payment. You will receive a refund of any additional tuition you have paid for that semester. If you cancel twenty-nine (29) days or less before the start of any semester, you will forfeit your entire tuition for that semester. You will not get a refund. However, a friend or family member may attend the workshop in your place, or you may donate your spot as a scholarship to a financial need student. There is no refund for no-shows or withdrawals after the class begins. For transfers made thirty (30) days or more before the first day of a semester, students will be charged a transfer fee of $30. No transfers are allowed less than thirty (30) days before the first day of a semester.
*The exception to the thirty (30) cancellation policy is for all Jazz Intensives (see below).

PLEASE NOTE: New York Jazz Academy is not responsible for providing make-ups or issuing refunds, credits or transfers for days or entire workshops/courses/private lessons missed as a result of illness, emergencies or other events beyond the Academy’s control, including weather-related conditions (icy roads, etc.). Students will receive a full tuition refund only in the event that New York Jazz Academy cancels the workshop, course, or private lesson.


The following cancellation policy applies to all NYJA Jazz Intensives programs, including NYJA Summer Jazz Intensives, NYJA Winter Jazz Intensives, NYJA Spring Jazz Intensives, NYJA Custom Jazz Intensives, and all other NYJA Jazz Intensives. All cancellations must be made in writing. Cancellations are never accepted over the phone. Cancellations received sixty (60) days or more before the first day of the first week of all NYJA Jazz Intensives will result in a full tuition refund less a $50 non-refundable deposit. Cancellations less than sixty (60) days before the first day of the first week of the NYJA Summer Jazz Intensives will result in no tuition refund. No transfers are allowed less than sixty (60) days before the first day of the first week of the Summer Jazz Intensives. Transfer requests received sixty (60) days or more before the first day of the first week of the NYJA Summer Jazz Intensives will be considered ($50 transfer fee applies).


Please do your very best to arrive at your workshop/class/lesson on time. Your lesson time is fixed to the time arranged by your teacher and/or the NYJA office. If you happen to arrive early to your lesson, please wait for your lesson time before you begin your lesson. If you happen to arrive late to your lesson, your teacher is not expected to extend the lesson past its scheduled ending time.


Please note that prepaid lessons must be used within 180 days of payment. Any prepaid lessons that are not used within 180 day of payment will be forfeit. Gift certificates must be redeemed within 365 days of initial purchase. If prepaid gift certificate amounts are not used, no refunds will be allowed.


New York Jazz Academy strongly urges all out-of-town students to buy refundable airline tickets in case of workshop cancellations or other unforeseen changes.


All program locations are subject to change. In the rare event that a NYJA program relocates to a venue other than the regularly scheduled location for such program, NYJA will notify enrolled participants of such a change. Every effort will be made to change the venue to a new location within a reasonable distance of the regularly scheduled location. Enrolled participants will be expected to attend the program at the new location. No refunds or cancellations will be allowed due to venue changes for any and all programs, including, but not limited to, NYJA jazz improv workshops, small ensembles, big bands, private lessons, vocal jazz workshops, elective programs, NYJA Summer Jazz Intensives and other NYJA Jazz Intensives programs.


If NYJA closes due to inclement weather or another “act of god”, a “School Closed” notification will be posted on the school’s online calendar by 12:00 noon. Please remember to click your refresh and/or reset button on your browser. NYJA does not offer “snow day” makeups. Programs canceled due to inclement weather or acts of God will not be rescheduled.


Note that NYJA can help customize your program registration. We offer customized course packages for any length of stay. We also offer certificates of completion at the end of your study (on request). If you need help from NYJA regarding government paperwork, grant applications through your country or organization, or any other preliminary documentation, let us know, and we will arrange to send you the necessary letters and paperwork (a $90 fee applies for this document service).


Registrant consents to the participation in interviews, the use of quotes, and the taking of photographs, movies or video tapes of the enrolled student. Registrant grants to New York Jazz Academy the right to edit, use, and reuse said products for purposes including use in print, on the internet, and all other forms of media. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the registrant also releases New York Jazz Academy and its agents and employees from all claims, demands, and liabilities whatsoever in connection with the above.


New York Jazz Academy LLC is not responsible for the opinions, views, or actions expressed by its teachers and staff.


New York Jazz Academy is an equal opportunity educator and welcomes diversity. NYJA does not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities, nor on the basis of gender, race, color, sexuality, national or ethnic origin, or religion in the administration of its educational or admission policies, scholarships and other school-administered programs.


DISCLAIMER: The New York Jazz Academy payment installment plan is an optional service provided as a benefit to customers. There are some risks and fees involved, so please read over these terms and conditions carefully. As an alternative, you may consider registering for a program by providing payment in full and not opting for the payment installment plan at all.

New York Jazz Academy Payment Installment Plan TERMS AND CONDITIONS:
Students agree to pay a 3% Payment Installment Plan fee and agree to pay their financial obligations for tuition and fees to New York Jazz Academy in monthly installments. The final responsibility for those financial obligations will be the customer’s. Failure to meet such financial obligations will have serious consequences: programs and services will not be administered to the student if program tuition is not paid in full 30 days prior to the start date of all programs.
Tuition must be paid in full 30 days or more before the start date of each program, with the exception of NYJA Jazz Intensives programs, for which tuition must be paid in full 60 days before program start date. Customers’ and students’ enrollment for any program with a rolling/variable start date (e.g. private lessons, select online classes) will not be completed until tuition for the entire program has been paid in full.

The payment installment option includes an additional service fee of 3% of the program tuition. If the customer cannot complete payments for any reason, the customer may request a withdrawal from the program on or before 30 days prior to the program start date. All withdrawal requests must be made in writing, either via email (to [email protected]) or by mail (New York Jazz Academy, P.O. Box 721331, Jackson Heights, NY 11372 U.S.A.). A withdrawal request is not considered received until New York Jazz Academy personnel sends the customer a confirmation acknowledging receipt of the withdrawal request. Withdrawal requests will not be accepted over the phone. All tuition paid for the program up until the date of withdrawal will then be returned to the customer, less the 3% service fee and less a $30 withdrawal fee per program. The 3% service fee and $30 withdrawal fees are non-refundable. If, 30 days before the program start date, the customer fails to make all installment payments and does not contact New York Jazz Academy to request a withdrawal from the program, all payments that have been made up until that point will be considered non-refundable, and the customers program registration will be cancelled entirely. Allow 8-10 weeks to receive a refund, which will be issued by chargeback, directly to the card(s) on file in the customer’s user account. If the chargeback fails, a check will be sent, payable to the customer (first and last name, as written in the customer’s account) and mailed to the billing address listed in the customer’s account. New York Jazz Academy uses the secure online payment system Stripe for all payment installment plans. Card details are only stored on Stripe (read more about Stripe security here). The customer may update credit card information at any time and is responsible for keeping an up-to-date and valid card on file. In the event that the customer’s card fails to accept and complete a payment, for any reason, the customer will receive a notification email and has 14 days to update credit card information. If the customer corrects the failed payment by successfully updating their credit card information within 14 days and the automatic re-billing succeeds, then the recurring billing continues until all installments are paid in full. However, If the card fails again, or if the user does not update the card within this 14 day period, and the failed payment has not been corrected, the system will mark all un-paid installments for the order as failed and stop billing for this order. The customer will be responsible for requesting a withdrawal from the program(s) listed in the order. If no request is received within the timeframe described above, all payments made up until the point of stopped billing will be considered forfeit by the customer.


These policies will be strictly enforced. Contact New York Jazz Academy prior to registering if you have any questions regarding cancellation, transfer and refund policies.

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