New York Jazz Academy is expanding its teaching roster. If you are a professional musician and educator who is interested in teaching with NYJA, please begin the application process by submitting the inquiry form below. If we are interested in scheduling an interview, we will contact you. Thank you!

Is NYJA Right For You?

At NYJA, teachers come first. We offer a support network that values your expertise, and with us, you finally get to teach what you are meant to teach–the language and artistry of jazz music. In addition to teaching private students, you may be asked to coach workshops and/or ensembles.

We are assembling a teaching staff that includes only the most aware, creative, and encouraging instructors. Every NYJA teacher must meet four criteria: (1) world-class performing talent, (2) a dynamic gift for teaching all levels of students, (3) a keenly articulate and thoughtful intellect, and (4) a friendly and encouraging personality.

NYJA is only interested in hiring teachers who are absolutely passionate about teaching their craft and helping students. If you are just considering this only for a paycheck that sustains you while working on your craft, we may not be the match for you. In other words, we are looking for teachers who love to teach.

How to Apply

To introduce yourself to us, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page. We are interested in learning about you and your background (schools, teaching experience, playing experience, etc.).

If you are called to interview, please be prepared to demonstrate your abilities on your instrument. Also be prepared to teach a sample lesson on jazz improvisation and general musicianship.

Note that we do not return calls and emails unless a position opens up. Positions are largely based on student demand in your primary teaching location. If you don’t hear from us, don’t be discouraged. NYJA will keep all applications on file, as we might have new positions open up in time.

Do you already have private students?

If you already have private students, you may want to consider teaching for NYJA, bringing your students with you. Your students will benefit from added rehearsals, and you will benefit from our support network, while no longer having to handle payment collections on your own. If you would like to discuss this option a bit more, please contact us.

On the other hand, if you are looking to keep your current private studio, but you are open to adding a few extra NYJA students a week, NYJA may be the perfect match for you. Your current students could benefit from enrolling in the NYJA ensembles program. They could still continue privately with you. We would not require that you work for us as a NYJA employee for your students to take advantage of our ensemble opportunities.

Student Referral Program: As an incentive to encourage your private students to sign up for NYJA ensemble programs, we are pleased to offer you $25 cash for every student you send our way. To receive this bonus, the student must pay for a semester of a NYJA workshop and must give us your name. You must contact us with the name of the student and the following code: TEACHREF252.

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