JELLY JAMZ, the early childhood division of New York Jazz Academy, introduces jazz music to young children, ages 6 months to 4 years. The dynamic JELLY JAMZ curriculum draws upon classic and modern jazz, original songs, and traditional folk and world music while encouraging musical development through improvisation and the integration of song, dance, rhythm and movement. Children experience an exciting musical repertoire designed to enrich and develop an early appreciation, awareness, and understanding of musical fundamentals.

The JELLY JAMZ philosophy supports active, hands-on learning. Class songs actively involve participants through body movement while also addressing fundamental rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic concepts. Very young children often learn most effectively through parental modeling. Parents or caregivers are required to attend and participate in all JELLY JAMZ classes.

Children also learn classic folk songs, how to improvise on rhythm instruments through call-and-response, perform jazz “jam-a-longs” with classic jazz recordings, experience live jazz performances, and more.

Jazz music remains a central influence for most popular music today, including hip-hop, rock, pop, and country. It is also heavily influenced by world music and classical music. JELLY JAMZ provides children with a musical foundation that helps with future musical studies while instilling in them an appreciation for the joy of music and jazz.

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