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    New York Jazz Academy® allows musicians to take their vocal chops to new levels by offering a range of courses, including vocal groups and ensembles, private lessons, jazz intensives, and more, all in an effort to collaborate and share ideas with other musicians. You can fine-tune your skills at an individual or group level and implement new techniques. Programs include Vocal Jazz Workshops run by Carolyn Leonhart, Sirintip, Vicki Burns, and Tammy Scheffer, among others. In addition to touching on more fundamental and essential parts of jazz development, these workshops also incorporate a rigorous yet fun approach to vocal scat and bebop style. Other courses include the NYJA® Vocal Jazz Intensives, Winter/Spring/Summer Jazz Intensives for vocalists, small ensembles, theory and notation classes, improv workshops, and online classes. NYJA® vocalists see opportunities to work with a NYJA® mentor and also with other jazz musicians, including world-class accompanists and rhythm section players, taking their music to new heights of expression and feeling. NYJA® vocalists often have the opportunity to perform in some of the most iconic NY music venues. Singers have performed recently at Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Smalls Jazz Club, Smoke Jazz Club, Club Bonafide, private events, and more.

Vocal Jazz Workshops

    Whether you are a beginning soloist who wants to learn how to successfully sit in at a jam session or a seasoned singer preparing for a performance, NYJA® Vocal Jazz Workshops will help you with performance skills such as stage presence, song interpretation, lyric memorization, musicianship skills, improvisation, and much more. Class sizes are designed to be intimate (typically between 4-6 singers), are leveled in sections from beginning to advanced/pro, and many workshops include pro accompanists and full rhythm sections, with a final showcase performance.

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**NEW!** Vocal Improv Workshops

    NYJA® Vocal Improv Workshops delve right down to the essence of scat-singing and vocalese! These classes are perfect complements to our vocal jazz workshops and small ensemble programs, among others.

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Latin American Vocal Workshop

    Latin American Vocal Workshop is open to vocalists who wish to learn more about Latin American repertoire. The sessions will focus on the music and rhythms of Brazil, Cuba, Argentina and Peru. Learn how to sing in Spanish and Portuguese while developing your performance skills and your vocal technique. Expand your vision of your own voice and its infinite possibilities. Participants will work on individual song interpretation, collective singing, rhythm and sound exploration and vocal improvisation. This is a weekly workshop that will meet for one hour and a half in each session. Open to vocalists of all levels. Note that this workshop is particularly helpful for English-speaking participants who want to learn how to sing Latin jazz. Singers do not need to speak Spanish to take this workshop.

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  • Manhattan (Various Locations)
  • Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights)
  • Queens (Sunnyside)
  • Long Island (Syosset)
  • Ask About Other Locations


  • Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer Semesters
  • Wednesdays, 6pm-7pm
  • Wednesdays, 7pm-8:50pm
  • Thursdays, 6pm-7pm
  • Saturdays w/ big band vocals, 2pm-3:50pm
  • Contact us for other times, including programs on weekdays and weekends.
  • Want to start now? NYJA® offers rolling admission for many programs. Contact us to get started.



    • Vocal workshops are often organized by level of experience and aptitude. Placements require an initial assessment, and singers are placed according to personal goals, strengths and weaknesses.


  • Perform with other like-minded musicians.
  • Learn from top NYC vocal talent.
  • Participate in concerts year-round.
  • Enjoy small class sizes (typically 4-6 singers).
  • Challenge yourself with repertoire tailored to your goals.
  • Forge lasting relationships with other musicians.
  • Challenge and grow as a vocalist.

Other Options

    NYJA® Vocalists have a wide number of options for study and development. Beyond vocal jazz workshops and vocal improv workshops, we also offer a full array of small ensembles, theory and notation classes, and much more.

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