Do you love to sing? Are you craving an environment that is made just for you, your vocal interests and goals? New York Jazz Academy® Vocal Jazz Intensives offer a completely immersive experience for vocalists to delve into jazz training from 2-5 days at a time. Based in part on the long-running NYJA® Jazz Intensives model, the new NYJA® Vocal Jazz Intensives provide an engaging atmosphere entirely designed specifically for vocalists. Being a singer encompasses a different art form than being an instrumentalist and we at NYJA® celebrate that distinction.

NYJA® Vocal Jazz Intensives run intermittently throughout the year. Vocalists will learn about facets of vocal health and technique, jazz repertoire, jazz improvisation, the art of duo settings, and much more. Participants will leave the program with a significantly greater understanding of harmony, melody, and jazz styles.

When and where are the NYJA® Vocal Jazz Intensives?

Upcoming NYJA® Vocal Jazz Intensives have merged with the NYJA® Summer Jazz Intensives (click here for 2020 details and summer dates), giving vocalists a great opportunity to learn with vocal faculty, but also receive daily practice with instrumentalists and ensembles.

Who teaches at the NYJA Vocal Jazz Intensives?

NYJA® Vocal Jazz Intensives faculty includes core NYJA® faculty members.

Can you walk me through a typical day?

11am Vocal Technique and Harmony
12pm Vocal Workshop
1pm Lunch Break
1:30pm Private voice lessons
2pm Small Ensemble rehearsal
4pm Masterclasses
5pm End of Day

Is this program for me?

We welcome students of varying levels and interests. Feel free to contact us for a free and honest assessment.

Other NYJA Jazz Intensives programs for vocalists

Do you want to enroll in a Jazz Intensive at a different time of year? New York Jazz Academy® also offers tracks specifically for vocalists within the following programs:

Need More Info?

Feel free to contact us with any additional questions regarding NYJA® programs. For much more detailed information on NYJA® Jazz Intensives or the New York Jazz Academy® school year programs, click on this post to “See photos from past NYJA® Vocal Jazz Intensives”. Also check out our media page for more Jazz Intensives videos and photos.

Intensives Details and Registration Info


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