27 May

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It’s time to seize the moment (and summer jazz!)

This post may not be for everyone, as many of you have already signed up for summer programs. If you are still on the fence, we at NYJA® want to iterate how well things are going these days for musicians coming into the fold. Our summer semester starts in July, and we are seeing both In-Person and Online participants starting with us. We are taking new students every week, enrolling in our weekly jazz camp, the NYJA® Summer Jazz Intensives (now extended 9 weeks, through early September!), evening small ensembles, private lessons, and much more.

We’ve included some pics below from this past year, so you can get a sense of the energy here as people make their return to in-person rehearsals, learning, and community. Also check out our Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts for frequent updates and livestreams throughout June, July, and August.

This is a time of great and historic momentum here in NYC, and we are amazed at just how well things are running right now. The return to making music together is something really special. Summer is approaching quickly, and there’s still room for you. Seize your moment, and sign up with New York Jazz Academy® this July and August. NYJA® Summer Semester is officially now open for registration!

How To Register

Click here to browse in-person and online program options and begin registration.

Is NYJA® Right For You?

Are you wondering if New York Jazz Academy® is right for you? There’s only so much you can learn by visiting a website, so feel free to contact us for an honest assessment. Also, feel free to read about other NYJA® musicians’ stories and testimonials, and check out our post helping answer the question, “Is NYJA® Right For You?”.

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