20 May

Why Choose a Good Jazz Band Over a DJ?


Music is integral

Just like food and venue, music is an integral part of any wedding ceremony. Music in a wedding sets the tone of the event. It creates an ambiance that distinguishes between memorable and forgettable weddings. A wedding is an event for celebration, and any celebration is incomplete without the right music. It is the event of a lifetime and people leave no stone unturned to make it a perfect one. They are ready to spend a fortune, hire the best people in the wedding industry to make arrangements, and put much time and energy into it. Booking for a wedding usually starts months in advance starting from venue to caterer to the music. Music cannot be overlooked in such a scenario. Music in a wedding is something that reflects style and the understanding of aesthetic pleasure of the couple who gets married. Usually, couples and their families have their say on the tracks that would be played at a wedding. They can choose between a live band, solo performance or a DJ. Making the right choice is important here.

Get the right band
Hiring a live wedding band is always preferred over a DJ playing recorded songs. It gives exclusivity and a personal touch to the atmosphere. It is ideal to hire an experienced band. One can also choose a band through the reference of a friend or through experience in some other wedding. These bands have professional and expert musicians, who play music best suited to entertain the guests. They are spontaneous in changing the style of music as per the guests’ likings. For example, if someone hires a swing band, the band will interact with the audience and fill the wedding with fun and enjoyment. Moreover, many jazz bands wear suits during their performance, so the hosts need not worry about the right attire that is suitable for the event.

Finding a reputed jazz band can sometimes be difficult. In that case, personal references or an event planner can be useful. Another option is searching online. It is the most convenient option where wedding hosts can find a plethora of bands that perform various jazz forms. Once the band is selected, the next step would be to book the band and sign a contract. Professional bands are always in demand during the wedding season. Hence, booking needs to be done well in advance.

The hosts can also work on selecting the compositions to be played in coordination with the band members. Suggesting favorite songs and preparing a playlist is a good way of playing some famous tunes to entertain the audience.

Live Band versus DJ

Typically, as many as 60 songs are played at a wedding. A DJ can provide a huge list of songs. If wedding hosts weigh quality over quantity, live bands are perfect for them. Jazz, contemporary, Bebop nova, Latin jazz, pop, swing – a live band can play a wide array of songs.

While DJs simply bring out all the songs on your playlist from the internet and play it, live band musicians, who have devoted their lives to learning the music, feel the music and then perform.

Why choose a Jazz band

A wedding is a great occasion to let the guests enjoy every moment, and hit the dance floor. For that purpose, hiring a jazz band would be perfect. A good jazz band creates a jovial mood and atmosphere to party all night. Jazz music is versatile and innovative. Moreover, guests respond more positively to live bands than a DJ who plays only the recent chart toppers. An ensemble of piano, bass drums with saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and other instruments make the music vibrant and interesting to listen to. With different forms of jazz styles, the line-up of instruments also varies. While choosing a jazz band it is always better to keep the following things in mind:

Experience: A positive track record of past performances is important. Also, other aspects to check are background, reputation, and experience. A well-known band can become a talking point at the wedding. The more experienced ones have the understanding of the audiences.

Cost: Various bands have their own standard fees. A fine balance needs to be maintained in terms of hiring a reputed band and the host’s budget.

Demo: It is always a good idea to listen to the demo CDs, MP3s or video recordings of the band’s previous performances. A recording of a live gig would give you a better idea.

Reviews: Feedback on the internet can give you a fair idea about the reputation of the band. These testimonials are found on social networking sites, community forums, blogs, or through word-of-mouth.

Just as the performance of the band needs to be good, the spot where they play is of equal importance. If outdoors, a proper and protective cover should be used. Contemporary jazz music, being incorporated with other American music forms such as pop and rock, can perfectly complement one another, and harmonize seamlessly in a wedding ambiance.