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FREE and low-cost music classes with NYJA? You’ve come to the right place.

New York Jazz Academy offers something for all musicians, regardless of age, level, and financial situation. While our regular tuition courses are quite reasonable priced, we also offer a variety of course options at particularly low cost and high value. We encourage you to consult with us to help determine what sort of budgeting may be necessary for you to reach your goals as a musician and artist. Feel free also to browse our course listings throughout out website, both for courses in and around NYC and online.


FREE classes with NYJA Online

Did you know you can start with NYJA Online classes, registering for these anywhere in the world? Several of our popular online classes are entirely free, and you can read about them here.

Low-cost classes with NYJA Online

Also through NYJA Online, you can choose very low-cost classes, in addition to low-cost private tutorials. A tutorial is quite similar to a private lesson and includes personalized instruction that meets your needs. Browse your options here.

Low-cost classes with NYJA in and around NYC

Courses with New York Jazz Academy in and around NYC and Long Island go as low as $16 per hour. Our programs range from private lessons to theory classes, ensembles, electives, and much more. We take pride in offering high-quality and dedicated instruction by top NYC professionals all at a fraction of the cost of other schools and university conservatory programs.

NYJA Membership Discounts

NYJA also has a built-in tuition assistance program via the NYJA Annual Membership. Membership includes an initial upfront cost, but it is designed to bring significant savings to the regular student throughout the year, discounting all tuition substantially.

Which programs are right for you?

Take a minute to browse our complete program catalog, but if you are still not sure which programs are right for you, or if you would like to verify whether you are planning on the right set of classes, contact us for no-pressure advice. We are happy to help.

Is NYJA really right for you?

Of course, the term “low-cost” is entirely relative. If you are making budgeting considerations, you are clearly taking your investment in your musical development quite seriously. At the end of the day, all NYJA tuition rates offer extraordinary value to you as a musician. We believe that the quality of NYJA programs and faculty remains competitive with the top U.S. conservatories, and the education that students receive with NYJA is excellent. That being said, are you unsure whether NYJA is really right for you? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll give you an honest answer. Your goals are too important to take this question lightly. You can also read the following post to help answer this question: “Is NYJA right for you?”. Also, feel free to read about other NYJA musicians’ stories and testimonials.
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