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Introduction to Improvisation and Jazz Theory is a richly detailed course on fundamentals in jazz harmony/theory and improv/bebop. If you are new to jazz, this course is an excellent place to start. It will also serve as a very helpful and thorough review for those who need it. Topics covered include the following:


  • Chord/Scale Review
  • 12-Bar Blues
  • Song Forms
  • ii-V-I Chords
  • Bebop Line Construction
  • Target Notes
  • And More

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Lesson Summaries


Lesson 1: The staff and clefs, basic note reading.

Lesson 2: The major scale and its construction.

Lesson 3: Building triads in a major key. What are they and why do we care?

Lesson 4: Adding a seventh to triads – ii7 and V7

Lesson 5: ii7 – V7 – I The holy trinity progression and its uses.

Lesson 6: Melodic Devices and Simple Chord Progressions (including tetrachords, leading tones and enclosures).

Lesson 7: The 12-Bar Blues and how to navigate it, voice leading, and pentatonics.

Lesson 8: Compound Melody and Jazz Line, understanding the secret of great bebop lines.

Lesson 9: Minor scales and their uses, moving beyond the major scale

Lesson 10: Melodic Minor and Symmetrical scales, moving past tonality.




PDF worksheets and lecture notes will be distributed to the class and readily available for download. This course was formerly titled Introduction to Jazz Theory and Notation. Member rate tuition: $96; Regular rate tuition: $120.